I’m tired of looking for my life purpose, so I drew a porpoise

I’m definitely envious of people who know their life purpose.

I imagine they leap out of bed in the morning with laser-focused desire to work on their passion. Somehow they just know what they’re supposed to do. Meryl Streep was born to act. Liz Gilbert was born to write. Steve Irwin was born to crocodile. 🐊 (RIP)

I’m especially jealy of those people who transform their passion into a career. Do what you love AND get paid for it! It’s win-win!

Don’t get me wrong, as anyone close to me can attest, I am struck with life-purpose epiphanies ALL THE TIME. These magic messages either pop in my brain at random or coincide with me seeing somebody else doing something really awesome, then I think — Hey, I could totally do that!

But by the time I’ve bought the domain name, read the books, taken online courses, printed business cards… right about when I’m getting ready to actually launch the thing — a shiny, new life purpose sneaks into my brain… Oh, that sounds amazing. I probably should become an expert on that immediately.

I’ve dabbled as a t-shirt maker, travel blogger, start-up founder, art director, copywriter, animator, editor, programmer, UX designer, inventor, entrepreneur, letterer, artist, author, course creator, travel agent, life coach — you name it, I’ve tried it. (Or am in the process of trying it)

I just get so freakin excited about all the things — I simply must try them all.

I’m like a hummingbird buzzing around sampling flowers. Mmm, this yellow flower is tasty. Oh wait, there’s a purple one. Oh look how pretty that red flower is! 😍

But dang it, if I could pick ONE thing, really focus and stick to it… I could be the total MASTER of it. Ya know, make money, be settled, know what I’m supposed to do when my eyeballs open.

A Delicious Pot of Randomness

Yet when I think about doing the same thing everyday, maybe I’d be incredibly bored.

I get antsy if I live somewhere for a month –even during the pandemic I somehow managed to move locations 30 times.

I even named my branding business Goulash, not for the Hungarian stew, but for a made-up family dish  “Vegetable Goulash”. We’d throw all the leftover veggies from the garden into one giant pot. Beans, squash, zucchini, corn, peas, onions, peppers you-name it –the more the merrier. Then that giant pot of randomness melds together to make a dish that is literally life-changing.

Am I delicious pot of randomness?

Find Your Porpoise

The other day I did a brainstorm on what my life purpose was and ended up drawing a Zoltar-esque life-porpoise. Wouldn’t that be dreamy. You just pop your quarter in and the mystical porpoise tells you what to do with your life.

*FUN FACT did you know that some dolphins get high off of blowfish? They pass it around and take turns ingesting the blowfish toxin which puts them into a trance-like state.

Puff, puff, pass. That’s were my porpoise finder gets his magical insights.

Zoltar machine with a magic porpoise inside

Ya know I actually hate the phrase Life Purpose. It’s WAY too self-serious.  It’s just your ONE life so you better figure out your ONE true purpose stat or you’ll die on your death bed full of regret, shame your family and no one will have anything nice to say about you at your funeral.  No pressure!  😬

What if we start following our “life-porpoise” instead?! Sounds dumb, so it feels much less intimidating. Maybe your life porpoise gets to be silly, fun and easy. No overthinking. No pressure. No commitment. Just wake up and follow your energy. Like waking up on a Saturday and doing a killer workout. going to my solo brunch, sipping a Bloody Mary and spending an hour writing while I guilt-lessly eat a cheeseburger, then go home and take a nap.

Feels totally in line with my life porpoise.

Do you have to quit your full time job to create your side hustle?

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I’m tired of looking for my life purpose, so I drew a porpoise

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